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WELCOME! My name is Diane Siniard and I am the coordinator for the US Cemetery Project. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions. There is a search engine available for this site. It is located in on the home page for your convenience!

Please check under the "What's New?" link for new items that have been added.

I would like to get transcriptions of cemeteries and headstone photos and anything else you feel may benefit other researchers.
Please help to make this the best source of information for Cemetery research on the internet!

If you find an email address or link on this site that is no longer valid PLEASE let me know so I can find a new one or remove it! Thanks!

This site will be for you to send any cemetery transcriptions and/or photos for any cemetery in the United States. Please consider sending in your transcriptions or headstone photos to be added here to aid other researchers in their quest to find the burial places of their ancestors. Working together we can build this into a great database of information for everyone to utilize and share!

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  • General Statues for Protection of Cemeteries
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  • National Archives and Records Administration
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